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Culture, history and heritage

Cultural, history and heritage enthusiasts are spoiled in Montérégie. Numerous historical and cultural destinations open their doors including Must-Sees. Witnesses of a rich past, they will make you discover fascinating worlds.

Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum

Discover the largest railway museum in Canada, and enjoy a fascinating experience! Hop aboard some of the vehicles; enjoy a ride in a vintage streetcar and on a miniature railway. Take a guided tour and [...]

Maison nationale des Patriotes

Located in one of Québec's most beautiful villages, la Maison nationale des Patriotes is a jewel in our heritage that is steeped in history; it has welcomed visitors for over 25 years. Housed inside the maison Jean-Baptiste-Mâsse (1809), its core mission [...]

Battle of the Châteauguay National Historic Site

On October 26, 1813 in this very spot, 300 men repelled an invading force of 2,000 soldiers! It is often said that this was the battle that saved Montréal. Discover the strategies behind that decisive day: first at the [...]

Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site

7,000 years of history right beneath your feet! As you witness the raw power of the river swirls and eddies, you will be reminded of why Canada's first fortified lock canal was built here: the aim was to connect [...]

Fort-Chambly National Historic Site

Explore this impressive fortification erected in 1711 by putting yourself in a soldier’s shoes: put on a costume, load the cannon and participate in various activities. NEW! Smuggling, outsmart the exhibit One mission, three assets and an exhibition [...]

Droulers/Tsiionhiakwatha ASIC

Welcome to Tsiionhiakwatha (where we pick fruit)! The Droulers-Tsiionhiakwatha site has won dozens of Tourism Awards; it is a unique place to [...]

Beauharnois Generating Station

Located 40 km from Montréal, between lakes Saint-François and Saint-Louis, it is one of the largest hydroelectric plants in the world. Take a tour of the facilities [...]

Saint Lawrence River Shrines

Discover treasures of the past on Montréal’s South Shore Grand and imposing, simple and understated or very old, the sanctuaries all bear witness to the religious devotion and [...]

La Maison Paul-Émile Borduas

Paul-Émile Borduas designed, built and lived in this house as of 1945. This unique, avant-garde home boasts a resolutely modern design with undeniable architectural interest. Inside, pieces of furniture that [...]

La Maison amérindienne

To the sound of beating drums and traditional songs, come discover the know-how and knowledge of the people of the First Nations at La Maison amérindienne. Recognized [...]

Le Domaine Ozias-Leduc

Domaine Ozias Leduc is a unique place in Québec; it features elements that serve as a tribute to the legacy and identity of artist-painter Ozias Leduc. This interpretation centre comprises [...]